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Emzy Turkish Kebab


Emzy Turkish Kebab

Emzy Turkish Kebab
Emzy Turkish Kebab menu
The takeaway menu of Emzy Turkish Kebab, A Kebab Takeaway in Higher Ince, informs you about the type of delicious foods offered by us. You can easily plan your next takeaway order for out outlet just by taking a close look on our menu. In the beginning you can find various types of special offers including different types of pizzas in each offer. After initial offers you can choose from wide variety of Thin & Crispy Pizzas like English Thin & Crispy Pizzas, Chicago Thin & Crispy Pizzas, Hot Shot Thin & Crispy Pizzas and Meat Feast Thin & Crispy Pizzas etc. In the next sections of our menu you can get various types of garlic breads and calzone dishes to choose as per your liking. A variety of kebabs and kebab wraps like Donner & Shish Kebab, EMZY Special Kebab, Shawarma Wrap and Chicken Strip Cheese Wrap are also the part of our takeaway menu. After various types of pizzas and kebabs you will find a wide range of burgers, jacket potatoes and appetizers in our menu like Chicken Fillet Burger, Romana Cheeseburger, Naan Twister and Mozzarella Sticks etc. We also offer various types of side orders and sauces to make your order more interesting. We wind up our menu with desserts and thirst quenching drinks.
About Emzy Turkish Kebab menu

Emzy Turkish Kebab is gaining popularity as a Kebab Takeaway in Higher Ince since its inauguration. Our hard work is behind this increasing popularity as we have used all of our experience and knowledge in selecting quality ingredients and methods for preparing our dishes. We have provided the best tastes and flavours to our customers living in and around this city to win their hearts. In order to make order placing convenient for our customers we have accepted their takeaway orders online. Now to make it more convenient we have launched our apps so that they can place their orders even on the go. They can avail this service only by downloading our apps on their mobile devices from Google Store or App Store.

Emzy Turkish Kebab restaurant
You can easily find Emzy Turkish Kebab, a Kebab Takeaway, in Higher Ince due to its locations at 173 Manchester Road, Higher Ince WN2 2JA which is considered as one of the prominent locations of this city. The increasing popularity of our takeaway outlet has also enabled local residents to guide you to find us easily in this region. You can also use any mean of local transportation to reach us to collect your takeaway order. Google maps or any other online map can also help you to reach us, if you are new to this city.